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Garter- “I love how secure the garter feels. It didn’t slip when dancing because of the silicone inside the garter”.
Ashley Reynolds
Garter – I recommend the small garter even if you think you’re not. It really stretches. My Samsung Galaxy S5 fits in the lace pocket, not the front pocket. I like it because it slips on like thigh highs, very comfortable. The silicone stuff on the inside keeps everything secure.
C. Seville, Canada
Garter- Hi, we bought the garters for our cheer squad. We beadazzle them. When I cheer It’s awesome to have my phone and gloss with me at all times. It totally stays secure during our routines and back flips.
Ashley Compton
Garter- Great company! They shipped right away because they knew I needed it by this Saturday. They followed up with a phone call to make sure I received it. Very impressive service. The garter looks lovely. Feels comfortable and makes you feel sexy when wearing it.
Shannon Dulong
Garter- I love it! I had my purse jacked at a concert, with this garter I don’t have to worry. It even holds my flask and doesn’t slide down with my phone.
Karen Roseburg, California
StashBandz hip belt- “This product is so amazing! I have 3 young children. Being hands free is very key for me. I can never find my cell phone. I just slip on the hip belt everyday, tuck in my phone and baby stuff and I’m good to go. I love how it has so many pockets. It’s very beautiful looking which is nice too.”
Lindsey, M
StashBandz hip belt- “I should have got a smaller size. I’m a size 12 pants, big thighs, but small hips. I got the Med. which is fine, but I think I would like the hip belt tighter for the gym. My Samsung fits perfectly in any of the 5 pockets. I use it for so many things. Walking at night/throw my tunes/keys in it. Totally great when I took it to Disneyland, and a Greek festival. It’s genius because it’s so simple, but looks beautiful.”
Jordan Picket
StashBandz hip belt- “Best feature is that it doesn’t make me look huge. I hate wearing stuff around my middle, a fanny pack kills me. I keep my iPhone 6 in the back pocket. Sometimes I wear it without stuff in it. It helps suck in my stomach. Cute packaging.”
Katie Smith
StashBandz hip belt- “This is a great belt because you don’t have to take the case off your phone. I have an iPhone 6. Pockets are big enough to hold my husbands Samsung note 2. Wore my StashBandz to a baseball game – super convenient to keep my phone, lip gloss, and cash at my side!
Lindsay Roberts
StashBandz hip belt- “I teach 4th grade and the StashBandz hip belt is honestly a teacher’s best friend. I can lock up my purse but have my phone, campus keys, and cash with me at all times. I don’t have to waste any time getting the stuff I need. It looks really cute over jeans”.
Barbara Hauss
Headbandz- “The best reversible headband because it’s really wide to pull back my bangs. It’s always with me when I work out and yoga class. The pocket is discreet with or without things in it. It feels like good quality dancewear fabric.”
Shianne Jackson
Headbandz- “I freakin love it! I wear the headband literally every day to school since I can put my phone in the pocket. You can just whip it out and then slide it back in. I love the 2 alternate colors in one band, more options for my outfits.”
Jordan Kheils
Headbandz-“This headband cracks me up. Skeptical that it was going to work, but it actually holds my iPhone and keys. Now I have a safe place to put my stuff when I go to the beach. You don’t notice the pocket at all, even if I wear a ponytail.”
Lila Rashan
Headbandz- “Novel idea! This headband makes my night runs a piece of cake since I can store my keys. This headband seriously WORKS! I was thinking the stuff would fall out, but when you put it on, the stretchiness of the fabric pulls and holds in your stuff. If I’m only carrying my keys, I put in a credit card too, it holds things better. When it’s packed with my iPhone 5, it doesn’t feel weird, you kind of forget about it.”
M. Nolan
Headband  Stash Bandz 

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